CWI Employee Email Accounts

Published: September 25, 2020

The College has received a number of comments about various email signatures, sayings, and quotes many are using on their accounts. As a reminder to all, your account is a College email account, designed for exclusive use for College business and correspondence. It is also a timely reminder as our national conversation landscape escalates with a focus on the presidential election in November. We must be guided by our policy IT-120 which clearly outlines allowed uses and parameters for College accounts. 

Please take time to review your email account to make sure it is not tied to any personal beliefs, political interest, or any other statements and/or quotes. 

The College is providing employees with an updated template to use for your official, CWI email signature. In addition, a graphic file of our current campaign of Be Safe, Be Mighty is included as an option. Please update your email signature as soon as possible, and help others by reminding them to do so as well. This helps to remind each of us to stay diligent in our efforts to abide by the protocols adopted by the College to ensure the safest work environment for each other and for our students. A CWI Zoom background has also been created. 

Please refer to the email sent to all employees from Mark Browning, Vice President of College Relations, on Thursday, Sept. 24, for the email and zoom templates as well as instructions for each. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to College Relations at or 208.562.2222. 

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