CWI Board Adopts New Governance Policies

Published: September 4, 2015

At the July Board meeting, the College of Western Idaho (CWI) Board of Trustees approved and adopted new Governance Policies which are available for review at

The new Governance Policies better define the role of the Board by outlining issues the Trustees will govern, as well as identifying College business the Board will not directly administer but will remain accountable for. Under the Governance Polies, the President will govern and be accountable for CWI operations through Administrative Policies and Procedures.

With this objective in mind, the Board developed Governance Policies that:

  • are broad, over-arching, and carefully categorized policies;
  • have long term perspective to accommodate future needs;
  • and require Board approval for mission critical issues.

The result is the adoption of 16 Governance Policies with supporting Administrative Policies and Procedures delegated to the President. All employees are responsible for being aware of these policies, so please take time to review.

During the review, it was determined that the existing Employee Handbook was created to interpret existing Policy. Based on this finding, the Employee Handbook will be retired because it duplicates information in the Policy Manual. The Faculty Handbook will continue in its current format as it documents procedure specific to Faculty that is not provided elsewhere.

A college-wide initiative is underway to update the current Administrative Policy and Procedure Manual. The goal will be to align existing Administrative Policies and Procedures to the new Governance Policies, ensure all policies are current, and design an online interface to help make locating policies and procedures easier. Additional communications about this initiative and progress will be shared in the coming months. 

Please contact Human Resources at 208.562.3287 with all questions related to Policies and Procedures.

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