Business Office Updates for FY2017

Published: July 1, 2016

College of Western Idaho (CWI) leadership has approved several changes related to the Business Office, effective Friday (July 1) for Fiscal Year 2017. The changes are related to travel per diem, meeting refreshments and meals, and travel status. Prior approvals are still required. Please contact the Business Office with any questions about the following updates:

Per Diem—New Rate for in-state travel

CWI will be adopting the State of Idaho meal reimbursement rates. They are as follows:  

  • New - $45.00
  • Partial Day
    • Breakfast (25%) - $11.25
    • Lunch (35%) - $15.75
    • Dinner (55%) - $24.75

Meeting/Training Refreshment and Meal Parameter— Partial day meal rates apply for all types of events.

  • Breakfast/Refreshments - 25% or up to $11.25
    • Mandatory attendance AND
    • Minimum 3 hours in duration
    • 5 or more attendees
  • Lunch - 35% or up to $15.75
  • Dinner - 55% or up to $24.75
  • Meal
    • Mandatory attendance AND
    • 6 or more hours in duration
    • 5 or more attendees

*Requiring: Published agenda with start and end times, projected, and actual attendees. A sign-in sheet for meetings and training attendees is required.

Travel Status 

  • New Mileage rate is following the most current Federal General Services Administration (GSA) rate of .55 a mile. (The rate may vary)
  • Local travel that qualifies for per diem is outside a 100 mile radius from traveler’s home station.
  • Per Diem rate on travel days (arrival and departure day) are eligible for 75% of the GSA per diem for the location no matter the time of arrival or departure. This is following the GSA.                       

*NO change for students Per Diem Rates.

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