Board of Trustee Meeting July 2014

Published: July 18, 2014

On Tuesday, July 15 the College of Western Idaho (CWI) Board of Trustees held their regularly scheduled monthly meeting. During the meeting the Board approved the FY 2015 operating budget and an amendment to Board Policy 4340 Safety.


The total FY 2015 Operating Budget is $53.5 million.  Revenue is as follows:

  • State Appropriations (including Academic and Professional Technical                    33.1%
  • Tuition & Fees (including course fees)                                                                   41.4%
  • County property taxes (including out-of-district tuition payments)                           12.1%
  • Other (self-support, grants & contracts, other)                                                       13.4%

Compared to FY 2014, the state of Idaho provided an additional $2.1 million for academic programs and general support, and $554,140 for Professional Technical programs.  Tuition and fee revenue was projected to decrease, based upon Spring 2014 enrollment and average credits taken per headcount. 

The College’s total budget decreased by 0.8% as compared to the fiscal year 2014 originally-approved budget.

Personnel costs (salary and benefits) make up approximately 60.3% of the FY 2015 budget, Operating Expenditures 36.3% and Capital Outlay 3.4%.  Due to aggressive budget management, Personnel Costs are projected to decline almost 4.0% over the FY 2014 originally-approved budget. 

68% of the college’s operating budget is directed toward students (instruction, academic support and student services functions).  This figure attests to the importance that CWI Trustees and administrators have placed upon student success.

The new budget includes 419 total benefitted positions, with an additional 581 employees working in various part-time capacities.  This includes 2 new positions in instruction and 9 fewer positons college-wide.  Almost 81% of the full-time positions at CWI are directly related to students.

As part of the budget, the Trustees approved compensation increases for faculty and staff in general, to relieve faculty compression and recruitment challenges, and adjunct pay rates.

Questions regarding the CWI operating budget can be directed to Jeff Shinn, Budget Director, at 562-3279 or

Board Policy 4340 Safety

Additionally, the Board made a slight amendment to Board Policy 4340 Safety (see below) and provided suggestions on the recommendations provided by the CWI Weapons on Campus Task Force. The Task Force will incorporate the suggestions provided from the Board, CWI’s attorney, and Idaho County Risk Management (ICRMP) to finalize the administrative procedures and frequently asked questions to help guide college faculty and staff. This information will be posted to the CWI website and sent via email to faculty and staff in the coming weeks.

Board Policy 4340 Safety

Adoption History: 2/21/12; revised 10/16/12; revised 2/4/13; revised 7/7/14; revised 7/15/14.

Implementation: AP4341 Campus Disruptions and Violence; AP4342 Firearms and Weapons; AP4343 Incendiary Devices, Explosives, and Fireworks; AP4344 Identifying Workplace Hazards; AP4345 Correction of Workplace Hazards; AP4346 Hazardous Materials Communication; AP4347 Injury and Illness Prevention; AP4348 Injuries and Illness Reporting

The President shall establish administrative procedures to ensure the well-being of students, employees and the public as well as proper stewardship of college assets. These procedures shall prohibit the possession or use of weapons on the College of Western Idaho (CWI) property or at CWI activities by students, faculty, staff or visitors except for authorized law enforcement officers, authorized campus security officers, and persons exempt under Idaho State law. “Persons exempt under Idaho State law” means any person licensed to carry a concealed weapon under Idaho Code Sections 18-3302H or 18-3302K.

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