Science, it’s a verb not a noun

Published: June 22, 2015

It’s summer and if there ever was a season for science in Idaho, it’s summer! Most people think that science is only something that can be accomplished in the laboratory or under carefully guided field exercises. Did you know there are many different opportunities to participate in citizen science right here in Idaho?  Check out the list below, find something that interests you, and go science it!

  1. DARPA Verigames Crowdsourced Formal Verification (CSFV) project. This one is for people who like to solve puzzles via various games!
  2. Birds and Citizen Science. Like being outside and looking for various species of birds? This link directs you to several projects!
  3. Planet Four: Craters. Scientists need your help identifying and measuring features of Mars for upcoming missions.
  4. The Lost Ladybug Project. This project involves finding ladybugs in your area and submitting photographs to help determine how the ladybug population is changing.
  5. IDAH2O Master Water Stewards. The University of Idaho uses this program to monitor regional water quality.
  6. Go Viral. Help scientists track the flu by logging your symptoms and submitting your samples.
  7. Natural Product Discovery Group. Help scientists identify the next antibiotic or other drugs to help treat diseases by collecting soil samples.
  8. Nature’s Notebook.  Get outdoors and record your observations about the local populations.
  9. Play to Cure: Genes in Space. Are Punnett squares your thing? This puzzle/game uses genetics to help researchers analyze large amounts of genetic data.
  10. Zooniverse: Penguin Watch. Similar to the Mars project above, this one analyzes penguins!

If these aren’t your cup of tea, check out this comprehensive list by Scientific American.

If you choose to work on one of these projects or another citizen science project, let us know! Email Nicole Frank, Life Sciences Department Chair at

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