Flexible Learning

Davianne innovation flexible photo
March 15, 2016

“I come from a family where they’re proud of you if you make it through high school. To go to college and earn a degree is a big deal. It took me six years, a few scholarships, and a whole lot of encouragement to finish. I wanted to quit so many times, but each time I did, I got a little push to keep me going. CWI does a great job at noticing when people need that little extra push. Education is important and I think it’s a life changer for every person.” —Davianne Astley—Flexible Learning

With 65% of the student population attending on a part-time basis, and more than 3,800 students taking online courses, College of Western Idaho caters to people who are working and raising families while attending school. CWI offers day, evening, weekend, and online classes in a variety of disciplines to provide flexible learning options that meet the community’s needs.

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