College Admissions Express Event

Published: June 27, 2014

The Street Team set up at CWI’s College Admissions Express event where future students came to explore and apply for college this last Saturday.  The event was full of fun and laughter as the Street Team met new students, encouraged a great start in the fall and, gave away prizes.  

Kekeluv was caught on camera with the Street Team! He shared a stack of Boise Music Festival tickets for us to give away along with CWI logo prizes!

 The Horticulture and Physics Clubs were the first Street Teams to kick off our summer events and what fun we had! Lindsey introduced herself to every program representative and was completely distracted at the mechanics table that had made a Simon game, total flashback from the 80s. We met several ‘Undecided’ future students and had a great time exploring their possible school plans. Our favorite duo that we met was a mother that came to support her 40 year old daughter as she applied for college after completing her GED.

Chef Dean, from the Boise Hotel and Conference Center, served students and staff gourmet hot dogs on the patio with 103.5 music playing in the background. The weather was perfect to explore college, eat lunch and plan for the future.

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