Campus Life

Vaccine hesitancy in Idaho, and the United States, is greater than in almost any other state or developed nation, respectively. Why is this?

Occupational Therapy Assistant students kick off the semester with a meaningful, hands-on learning activity.

CWI's science legacy was on spectacular display at the Idaho Conference on Undergraduate Research hosted by Boise State.

The Southwestern Bridges to Baccalaureate program (SWID B2B) is entering the fifth and final year of NIH support for our students.

Dr. Mary Pritchard at Boise State and CWI's Heather Schoenherr have been piloting a collaborative research bridge program for psychology majors.

CWI students, and current Bridges to Baccalaureate Fellows, were on show recently at the 2020 Idaho Conference on Undergraduate Research (ICUR).

CWI students in the B2B program transfer to Boise State University to begin their biomedical careers. 

Former CWI students are making a big difference; changing the world and their careers through the Southwestern Idaho Bridges to Baccalaureate Program.

The work that I completed this past week on my new research project could easily be filed under “things I know now that I wish I knew then." When I tell my online Biology students that I continue working in scientific research while sitting at home, sipping coffee, and enjoying the...

Kassandra Townsend, a current College of Western Idaho student, has had some amazing opportunities materialize as she prepares to graduate.