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This program exists to recognize outstanding students for their commitment to learning, demonstration of excellence in their discipline or program, creative approaches to assignments, and other qualities. Selection is based on perseverance, innovative thinking, and professionalism both in and outside the classroom—not primarily on academic status. Students are nominated by faculty. Nominating faculty are strongly encouraged to participate in the awards ceremony, which will be held in April at the Nampa Campus Academic Building (NCAB).

Please note that dual-credit students cannot be nominated at this time. Also note that faculty may not nominate more than five students per academic year.

Recipients are selected based on four main criteria, each ranked on a scale of 1 - 3 by the Emerging Scholars committee: academic commitment, innovation, professional practice, and the demonstration of exceptional promise. Below, please find details about each of these criteria and share specific ways in which the nominee exemplifies any of them. Think of times the student went above and beyond—the committee is looking for stories, examples, and details.

The most successful applications are those that identify specific, concrete instances of excellence. Help us understand what made this student stand out to you. Was it approaching an assignment in a way you’d never seen before? Applying material learned in your class to life outside the classroom, such as a job or volunteer opportunity? Was it in-class behavior like mentoring another student or providing some other type of leadership? General comments on things like timeliness or politeness are far less helpful than stories about specific assignments, days, or even moments that impressed you. Since each criterion is ranked separately on a scale of 1-3, include such details in all categories if you can.

You are welcome to include short excerpts of student work in your responses; just be aware of the word counts. Also, you are welcome to talk with students about how to best present their nomination. However, the nominations must be written and submitted by faculty themselves. Faculty can nominate up to 5 students. Submissions due by April 1, 2024.

You can read excerpts of past nominations by visiting the emerging scholars page.

Thank you for helping CWI recognize Emerging Scholars!


Faculty submitting nomination
Note: Four Emerging Scholars will be awarded in each of the schools of Instruction (Arts and Humanities, Science, Technology, and Math, etc.) with one Emerging Scholar being chosen at-large. Part of the mission of this program is to recognize students across the disciplines. If you have had the student in more than one class, identify the class in which they most distinguished themselves. Faculty are also able to nominate students from previous summer and fall 2023 semesters. Please note that dual-credit students cannot be nominated at this time. Faculty may nominate up to five students per academic year.
Note: These are criteria for eligibility.
Note: These are criteria for eligibility. A student does not have to be registered or planned in the system, verbal intent to continue with their study at CWI in 2024-2025 also works.
Has the student had to overcome any particular challenges in attending or succeeding in school? How have they shown perseverance or determination in the time you have known them? What evidence have they shown that they will carry this commitment forward to other tasks they undertake?
In your time knowing them, how has the student expanded upon or gone beyond discipline-specific knowledge in a unique interpretation, application, or format? For instance, has the student taken a particularly creative approach to an assignment? Have they drawn connections between disparate academic disciplines in unexpected ways or applied skills learned in the classroom to larger needs in the community? In short, what made this student’s work stand out? Again, please share specific examples.
In conducting themselves at school and beyond, how has the student utilized soft skills, such as acting with exceptional courtesy, drive, or initiative? Also, how have they shown commitment to their discipline? For example, have they engaged in any professional development outside of school, completed pertinent volunteer work, or helped develop projects within the professional communities they aspire to join? How have they distinguished themselves as a leader or noteworthy collaborator in ways that benefit others in a positive way?
How has the student shown potential to excel in their areas of study, interest, or passion in ways not covered above? Why do you think they will be a wonderful addition to their field or their community in general? Responses do not have to be limited to intended career trajectories—narratives can touch on any projects to which the nominee has contributed meaningfully.