Facility Use Terms & Conditions

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Building Access: CWI will provide access to the building(s) and room(s) on the designated days and time at least 15 minutes prior to the event. During the event and up to 15 minutes following the end of the allotted time, CWI will have available security and/or facilities personnel for any facility needs or concerns. Organization/individual agrees to keep CWI facilities and room space in the same condition as it was before the usage time, show respect to all CWI faculty, staff and students while on CWI property, respect all CWI owned equipment, furniture and all areas throughout the building and prevent damage from misuse or other negligent actions. Food or beverages brought in during the event must be cleaned up by the organization/individual before vacating.

Time Frame:  CWI requires at least 30 days after acceptance of external requests for space rental to search for available space, gather all documents for signature and to schedule/confirm resources for the event.

Payment:  The total payment is to be paid in full before the date of the event. CWI will invoice the organization/individual at the time the Facility Use Agreement is sent out.

Use of CWI Name: The organization/individual shall not advertise or communicate a class or event as a CWI class or event nor shall the CWI logo be used to advertise without prior written permission from CWI. The CWI name shall only be referred to as the location of class or event.

Cancellation Policy:  If organization/individual needs to cancel the event, CWI must be notified by e-mail at least 10 days prior to the event. CWI will refund to organization/individual any monies received, less any expenses incurred by CWI in preparation for the event.

Term & Governing Law: The term of this agreement shall be for the period specified in this Agreement.  This agreement shall be governed by, construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Idaho.

Insurance: Organization/individual will provide CWI with a copy of its Certificate of Liability Insurance, naming CWI as an additional insured, for the time of the event. CWI IS SUBJECT TO THE IDAHO TORT CLAIMS ACT WHICH LIMITS LIABILITY FOR TORT CLAIMS TO $500,000.00.

Indemnity: The organization/individual agrees that all members and guests will observe the terms and conditions of this Agreement and that individually and as an organization, it will assume full responsibility for any and all damages to CWI property as a result of and occurring during the above indicated period of use. Organization/individual also agrees that it will at all times hereafter indemnify CWI against any loss, damage, or expense of any kind, which CWI may sustain or incur because of the organization/individual’s use of the above described facility and will further hold CWI harmless for loss of any kind in connection therewith.


Outside/Additional Vendors: If the organization/individual is utilizing any outside/additional vendors, the organization/individual is responsible for the following:

a.  Providing CWI with a list of all vendors for approval.  CWI reserves the right to allow or disallow any vendor for any reason the College deems necessary.

b.  Securing any and all required liability insurance for those vendors with minimum limits of $1million/$2million

c.  Ensuring that CWI is listed as an additional named insured on those insurances.

d.  Securing any and all required vendor's worker's compensation insurance.

e.  Securing any and all required food handling licenses, if vendor provides food.

f.  Provide CWI with copies of all of the above no later than 10 days prior to the event. If documents are not received by 10 days prior to the event, CWI reserves the right to put a hold on said event regardless if full payment has been made.


Rules Governing Use of Facilities by Organization/Individual:

a. No smoking is allowed.

b. No drinking of alcoholic beverages is permitted.

c. Activity shall be restricted to that area for which permission is granted.

d. The activity shall not extend beyond the hours approved in the request.

e. All programs shall be planned so that they do not interfere with the regular class schedule.

f. If the organization/individual needs to use their own equipment on CWI property, they must obtain prior approval from CWI. CWI shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to property owned by organization/individual.  Organization/individual shall be responsible for moving its equipment on and off CWI property.

g. The responsible event representative for the organization/individual shall be present before the event is scheduled to start and remain with the group until all have left.

h. CWI authorities must have free access to all rooms at all times.

i. Room(s) or facilities used by organization/individual will be carefully examined after use. The organization /individual will be notified by CWI of any damage or loss that occurred on CWI property and shall agree to reimburse CWI for damages incurred.

j. No CWI property or equipment is to be altered or removed from the premises without prior authorization.

k. This agreement is revocable at any time by CWI authorities.

l. No reservation will be made until this application is returned.