CWI takes proactive and innovative approaches to reach students, provide quality levels of college preparation support and advising, and ensure that students are prepared for a career upon completion and continued education that may be required.

  1. Early Reach: CWI has expanded dual credit offerings for high school students allowing them to get college credits prior to high school graduation. Currently CWI is the largest dual credit provider.
  2. College Prep: CWI prides itself on its willingness to continually seek out and develop the most effective and innovative ways of delivering instruction.  Among its most recent advances are: the Connecting with Ideas (CWID) first-year experience courses, which provide an orientation to college-level habits of mind: MATH 095 College Prep Mathematics and the Math Solutions Center designed to successfully expedite a student’s entry into and through college-level mathematics; and ENGL 100 English Composition Plus, a supplemental, two-credit course to help select students successfully complete their first college-level writing course.
  3. Financial Advising: As student debt continues to rise, CWI has taken an active role in financial aid advising. Through this proactive approach, CWI students are borrowing less in loans and are more informed in advance of accepting a loan(s).
  4. Success Beyond the Degree and Certificate: CWI provides direct transfer agreements with all Idaho universities and a number of online institutions, ensuring CWI students are able to transfer on to attain a four-year degree with ease. In addition most all of these transfer institutions offer a number of benefits to CWI students. Visit for more information.