Website Accessibility Procedures

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College of Western Idaho (CWI) is committed to providing equal access to its website for all students, staff, faculty, and others with disabilities. This includes the accessibility of documents, media, and other information made publicly available through CWI's website (

To ensure that accessibility standards are being met CWI follows the below processes.

Daily Moderation of New and Updated Web Content.

Prior to any new or updated content being publicly published on CWI's website (, the following moderation steps will occur.

  1. Content has a unique page title.
  2. Content appears and operates in predictable ways.
  3. Content uses headings to group related content in a nested logical order.
  4. Content is free of spelling errors.
  5. Buttons have descriptive text that convey the purpose of the function (Search or Apply).
  6. All links work, are directed to the correct web address and link text is meaningful.
  7. Images have descriptive and meaningful text alternatives (ALT tags) and/or captions.
  8. Videos have closed captioning.
  9. Tables are responsive, have at least one header and work on all screen sizes.
  10. Forms have labels, tab correctly, have a submit button and a response screen or email.
  11. All components are responsive and can be viewed on different screen sizes.

If content is found to not meet the established accessibility standards the web services team will coordinate with the responsible party to update prior to publishing content.

Annual Review/Evaluation

On an annual cycle the below steps will occur to audit all publicly available websites ( and content.

  1. Review all new and updated content using SiteImprove’s Accessibility scanning tools.
  2. Fix errors and warnings on WCAG levels.
  3. Fix pages with multiple Level A/AA errors.
  4. Update any content with broken links with working links.
  5. Update any content with misspellings with correct spellings.
  6. Review content with a reading level above 10th grade.
  7. Test and fix keyboard focus on new and updated components.
  8. Fix color contrast issues.
  9. Fix focus issues on elements.

If the annual review identifies content not meeting the established accessibility standards the information will be escalated to the Web Services Manager and other responsible parties to address as appropriate.

ADA Accessibility Training

All web page contributors are required to take a Web Accessibility Training course on Blackboard before receiving access to edit web content on Web Accessibility Training was created in Feb. 2019 and set as a requirement in March 2019. All web page contributors receive email communications to inform and educate whenever there are updates on, along with a link to the information on the CWI Toolkit (tutorial website for web contributors), and a reminder to attend monthly training sessions with the web team. 

Accessibility training is a priority for CWI and the web team is committed to learning more about accessibility best practices through resources like SiteImprove Academy courses, webinars and attending local conferences to help guide updates and new components being developed on The web team will provide documentation to share with web page contributors whenever there is an update or new component added to