Should you choose to drop, or withdraw, from a class, this can be done in Student Planning

Log in to Student Planning

Once logged in, select Go to Plan and Schedule to get started.

Screen shot of My Toolkit for students

Withdrawal Process

  • Types of Withdrawals

      Partial Withdrawal

      • Completing a partial withdrawal can be accomplished in Student Planning following the steps outlined below.

      Complete Withdrawal

      • Students who wish to drop a class beyond day 10 of fall or spring semester or day 5 of summer semester must complete a withdrawal form

      For additional questions regarding how withdrawing from classes may affect your student account, please reach out to or

    • Important Withdrawal Information

      Check the Academic Calendar

      • Be sure to check the academic calendar for deadlines.
      • Classes dropped after the Census Date for that particular semester will result in a W grade. 

      W Grades

      Special Cases

      • How to Withdraw in Student Planning


        • Calendars typically default to the current semester. If a calendar other than the current calendar appears, you can choose the correct calendar by scrolling left or right.

        Screen shot of Toolkit - View your progress

        Choose a Class to drop

        • Classes you are currently enrolled in will appear with a Drop option showing.
        • If the Drop button is grayed out, you have missed the drop deadline and will need to complete a withdrawal form

        Screen shot of Plan your degree and register

        • Choose Drop on the class you would like to withdraw from.

        Select a Reason

        • A pop up will appear asking the reason you are dropping and if you would like to drop any additional classes.

        Screenshot of Register and Drop Sections Select and option click update button

        • Use the drop down to Select an option or reason for dropping.

        Save Your Changes

        • Once you have selected your reason, you may drop another class or select Update to save your changes. 

        • If the drop was successful the course will no longer be listed on your calendar or in the list on the left.