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2021 Connections Project Summary

This year’s Connection Project included posters, mini presentations, and club submissions. Finalists in each category were determined by a panel of judges. Winners of this year’s Connections Excellence Awards were presented by Will Young, Vice President of the College’s Speech and Debate team and President of the Queers and Allies Club, during the 2021 Connections Project. Winners of each category received $100 to $150 prizes.

Club Submission

  • 1st Place – Biology Club, Pollinator Garden Virtual Tour

Inspire Talks

  • 1st Place – Kristina Turley, Brooklyn Miller, and Camille Slack, Police Reform: Response to Mental Health Crisis Calls
  • Runner-up – Michelle Petit, Pitching a (Fictitious) Website Design to the Business Owners

Connect Talks

  • 1st Place – Kate Jones, Origins of a Republic: America’s Role in the Formation of the Republic of Liberia
  • Runner-up – Anastasia English, Women of Ancient Athens

Inspire Posters

  • 1st Place – Tory Cardwell, Human Rhino/Enterovirus
  • Runner-up – Marty Lawhorn, Service as a Teacher’s Assistant
  • Runner-up – McKynna Dugger, Naegleria Flowleri: Transmission/Prevention of Primary Amoebic Meningoencephalititis (PAM)

Connect Posters

  • 1st Place – Annie Colombatto, Reimagining College
  • Runner-up – Emily Craner, Please Don’t
  • Runner-up – Julie Meyer, Promoting Student Success

Thank you to the judges, instructors, and participants of this year’s Connection Project, and congratulations to the winners!

Watch the 2021 Connections Excellence Awards