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2022 Connections Project Summary

Logo Contest

  • First Place: Brianna Daniels

Juried Art

  • Tie for First Place: Ashley Dale, Growing Up Artist
  • Tie for First Place: Christy Runion, I Couldn't Save Me From Myself


Connect Category

  • First Place: Mercades Nelson, Is Social Media Addiction Compromising Our Self-Regulating Behaviors?
  • Runner Up: Kaw Paw, Karen People of Burma
  • Runner Up: Angie Apreotes, MRSA: Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureaus
  • Runner Up: Anna Miles, Development of Early Detection Technology of Botulism

Inspire Category

  • First Place: Lia Montes & Natalie D’Agostino, PTK Latinx Postcards
  • Runner Up: Alana Stewart, Resistance of Mycoplasma pneumonia to Macrolide antibiotics
  • Runner Up: Kennedy Cole, COBS Community Outreach Behavioral Services Raising Awareness About Human Trafficking and Providing Resources to Its Victims
  • Runner Up: Brittany Jamison, Greater Than, Less Than and Equal to for 1st Grade

Recorded Mini-Talks

Connect Category

  • First Place: Bryce Thompson, Extroversion & Shyness During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Runner Up: Zane Cooper, Redlining in America
  • Runner Up: Hallee Barney, Group Dynamics

Inspire Category

  • Tie for First Place: Logan Adams, The Struggles of Life at the Minidoka War Relocation Center
  • Tie for First Place: Zane Cooper, Plato’s Virtues & the Tripartite Soul
  • Runner Up: Andison Fluckiger, The Republic of Plato Poetry and Imitation

Live Mini-Talks

  • Tie for First Place: Craig Petersen, Speak Up Ink Up Charity Event
  • Tie for First Place: Sawyer Ellis, Google Vision AIY
  • Runner Up: Kennedy Cole, Growth and Fixed Mindset: A Survey About Mindsets and Their Relationship to Symptoms of Mental Illness, the Internalization of Problems, and Emotion Regulation Strategies
  • Runner Up: Mercades Nelson, Is Social Media Compromising Our Self-Regulating Behaviors?