Tech Talk: Upgrades to Technology and Service Continue

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December 12, 2014

The College of Western Idaho (CWI) Information Technology (IT) Department is presenting a series of Bert’s Alerts articles intended to share updates at CWI as well as relevant technology topics.

GoPrint Update
The GoPrint client has been installed on machines in classrooms and computer labs and has been providing print usage statistics to help the College better understand how printing services are being utilized. In just the few weeks since the client was installed, there has been a reduction in printing by 12 percent. This means, because students have the ability to view print jobs, they are deciding to cancel more print jobs that otherwise would have likely been discarded.

AceWare to Colleague Migration
CWI Workforce Development will be migrating to Colleague as their new student registration system on Jan. 1, 2015. Look for additional information in upcoming Bert’s Alerts as the changeover nears.
Office365 Upgrade for Employees
As part of the annual work plan for IT and continuing efforts to provide excellent service, the College will be upgrading the servers for Faculty and Staff email to Office365 in February 2015. Office365 is a cloud based service with Microsoft and will provide some advanced features such as built in spam filtering, among others. There will be no change to employee email addresses and Outlook will continue to be used as it is today. The major difference is that all email will be stored on the highly secure Microsoft Office365 cloud based service. More details will be forthcoming, including a migration schedule, to ensure employees know when migration occurs.