Finding Your Assigned Advisor

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Finding Your Assigned Advisor

Finding Your Assigned Advisor

To begin, access Student Planning located within myCWI.

Log into Student planning using your regular username and password. Remember, your username is always lowercase.

Once logged in to, Click on “My Toolkit,” then “My Toolkit for Students.”

Test my toolkit for students

Click on “Plan & Register”

my toolkit for students Plan & Register

Once you arrive at the Self-Service screen in Student Planning, click on “Student Planning.”

Student Planning tab Steps to getting starrted

Click on “Plan & Schedule.”

select Plan & Schedule


The calendar page defaults to the most current term. Above where the term is listed on the page, there is a series of tabs. Click on the tab that reads “Advising.”

select Advising


Under “My Advisors” your advisor’s name will be listed. You can click on the envelope icon to send an email directly to your assigned advisor.

My Advisors


If there is no advisor name listed, you can email to request an advisor.