Writing Center Email Consultations

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Welcome to ACES, the Writing Center's Asynchronous Consultation Email Service. This service is designed for students who are seeking written feedback from a writing consultant and are unable to meet for an in-person or online appointment. 

We are here to help you:  

    • find notable areas in your paper in need of improvement, 
    • offer insights as a dedicated reader to your work, 
    • explore options for revisions, and
    • provide meaningful feedback to guide you.

    How to submit your work

    • Complete the ACES Intake Form to receive written feedback from a writing consultant.
    • Where prompted on the Intake Form, attach a draft of your work and supporting materials, such as the assignment rubric. 
      • Students may submit up to five pages of writing per form.
      • Work exceeding five pages may be submitted via multiple forms. When submitting multiple forms, please specify each section in the details of your request.
    • Hit Submit, and watch your email for feedback. 

    Get Started

    Timeline for Feedback 

    • The turnaround time for receiving consultation feedback through ACES is two business days from the time you submit the Intake Form.
    • Please plan accordingly as last-minute requests will not be accommodated.
    • In-person and online appointments are available for students seeking a more in-depth review of their work.
    • In a rush? Send your writing to CWI's external partner, Tutor.com,  for quick feedback. 


    • Leave yourself plenty of time to revise.
    • The feedback you receive provides suggestions. Since this is your paper, you must decide how to best use the feedback.
    • Consultant feedback may not cover all potential areas for revisions or corrections. Rather, a consultant engages with your work to guide you through revisions in ways that keep you in charge of your writing.
    • After making changes to your work, consider submitting a revised draft, or schedule an appointment for follow-up feedback.