Viewing your Class Schedule

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How to view your class schedule in Student Planning

To begin, access Student Planning located within myCWI.

Log into Student planning using your regular username and password. Remember, your username is always lowercase.

Choose "My Toolkit for Students"

Screenshot of Test my Toolkit

Click on “Plan & Register”

Screenshot of My Toolkit for students with Plan and Register circled.

Click on “Plan & Register” one more time.

Screenshot of My Toolkit with Plan and Register circled.

This will take you to the Academics home page. Scroll down to see a calendar showing your current class schedule.

Screenshot of Student Planning example of weekly schedule.

You can also see your schedule by clicking on Box 2 “Plan Your Degree and Register for Classes”.

Screenshot of Plan you degree link in student planning.

Please note the calendar term. If the calendar has not defaulted to the desired term you may select the desired calendar by clicking the arrows to the left of the calendar name.

*Note that yellow classes are scheduled and green classes are registered. Planning your classes does not hold your space in the class, you must register.

Screenshot of course selection in student planning.

To print your schedule click on "Print”.

Screenshot of student planning with the print link circled.

From this view you will be able to see which classes you have registered in and which you have planned or waitlisted.

Screenshot of semester classes registered and planned.

From the calendar view you may also export your class schedule to your personal calendar by clicking the “Save to iCal” button.

Screenshot of student planning with save to calendar link circled.

*Please see your personal calendar’s documentation in order to complete the calendar download.

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