Notifications and Holds

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Reviewing your Notifications and Holds

This process will walk you through reviewing your notifications and holds

There are several notifications or holds that may be applied to a student’s account. Some of these notifications will be informative and some can stop registration. 

The following information will show you how to locate your notifications or holds and examples of what these holds might be.

Student planning can be accessed through your myCWI account. Log into your myCWI with your user name and password.

Click on myCWI link button below to go to

Select “My Toolkit” page my tool kit button

Holds can be viewed from any page in student planning. After logging in you will see your home page. The top of the page looks the same from every menu.

Notifications can be accessed by clicking on the yellow button in the top right corner of the screen.

notifications icon example

Clicking on the notification box will result in a drop down of all notifications placed on your account. The hold will also give an explanation of why you have a hold and how to resolve it.

Notifications detail example

Some examples of holds that you might see can be found below:

  • Final HS transcript hold-May restrict registration
  • English or Math placement hold-May restrict registration
  • Requisite hold-May restrict registration
  • Financial Aid hold-Will not restrict registration
  • Advising hold-May restrict registration
  • Enroll in CWI-May restrict registration

For additional questions regarding holds on your account please reach out to your advisor or

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