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Student Planning - Planning Your Degree

How to plan your degree in Student Planning

To begin, access Student Planning located within myCWI.

Login to Student Planning using your CWI username and password. Remember, your username is always lowercase.

Choose “Student Planning.”

Student planning

Click on Box one “View Your Progress.”

View your progress in student planning.

Use your program review on the My Progress page to plan your future at CWI. Scroll down to see the Requirements for your degree. Choose one of the courses listed or the Search button to see a list of descriptions for all of the courses that will fulfill this requirement. In the example below you can see that the student has 0 of 1 requirements completed for his Ethics requirement.

Example of course numbers in student planning.

Once you have decided on an Ethics course you can add it to your timeline by choosing “Add Course to Plan.”

Example of course details in student planning.

A pop up menu will appear. Use the drop down menu to choose the semester you would like to take the course and click on the “Add Course to Plan” button.

Example of drop down list in course details.

Alternatively, you can choose “View available Sections” and choose a specific section for the upcoming semester.

Once you find the section that works in your schedule choose “Add Section to Schedule.”

Example of available sections in student planning.

A pop up menu will appear, choose “Add Section.”

Section details in student planning.

Choose the “Back to My Progress” hyperlink to return to your progress review.

Example of planned courses in student planning.

Under the Ethics section you can now see you have fully planned this area of requirements. Please note that these courses are not registered yet, they are only planned.

Screenshot of example course for Ethics

Please take note of how many courses in each section are required. Below you will see an example where more than one course is needed to complete a major. This major requires five classes or 15 credits to be completed for graduation.

Example of major requirements in student planning

Continue through the My progress page to complete your plan. Once each requirement has been planned, submit your plan to an advisor to review and be sure you are on the right path to graduation.

This can be done by hovering over Student Planning at the top of the page and clicking on Plan and Register.

Plan and register link in student planning

Click on “Advising.”

Advising link in student planning.

Compose any questions or comments and click on “Request Review.”

Compose a note in student planning.