Planning Your Degree

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Student planning can be accessed through your myCWI account. Log into your myCWI with your user name and password.

Select “My Toolkit”

my toolkit button

From the home screen choose “student planning”.

Choose Student Planning Link

Select “go to my progress”

Go to my progress link image

Use your program review on the My Progress page to plan your future at CWI. Scroll down to see the Requirements for your degree. Choose one of the courses listed or the Search button to see a list of descriptions for all of the courses that will fulfill this requirement.

In the example below you can see that the student has 0 of 1 requirements completed for his Ethical Reasoning requirement. For the example we will select the AGRI 120 course.

Search button

Once you have decided on a course and have selected it you will be able to see course information regarding that class. This will include pre-reqs, terms it is offered, and a description.
If the course appears to be what you want to take choose “Add Course to Plan”

Add Course to plan button

A pop up menu will appear giving more information regarding the course. Use the drop down menu to choose the semester you would like to take the course and select “add course to plan”.