A request for payment requires prior approval from the Office of Student Engagement before any expense is incurred. Payment for retail purchases must be processed through the Business Office and paid directly to the vendor from the college account in order to qualify for sales tax exemption. The Business Office must receive a completed form W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification) for IRS tax purposes from the individual, group or company receiving payment along with the Payment Request Form in order for payment to be processed. Once approved the Office of Student Engagement will submit the form to the Business Office and payment will be issued directly to the vendor. 

A minimum of ten (10) business days is necessary for approval and payment processing. 

If payment is required at the time of service, the club must submit the Payment Request Form and obtain a check issued by the Business Office for payment directly to the individual, group or company. Tickets to events and performers coming to campus need to be paid directly by CWI. 

In the event a club member or advisor pays for an event or performance with cash, personal check, credit card or debit card, there will be no reimbursement made for that expense.