1. Contact the Office of Student Engagement: Meet with the Coordinator for Student Engagement to receive guidance throughout the process.
  2. Find a club advisor: Advisor must be a full or part-time employee of CWI
  3. Recruit students to serve as Officers: The three (3) required positions are President, Treasurer, and Secretary
    1. Officers must have a semester AND cumulative GPA of 2.0 or greater and enrolled in at least 1 course at CWI
    2. Officers must be in good conduct standing with CWI
    3. Officers must not be an officer in any other club/organization under Student Affairs, including ASCWI
  4. Complete and submit the following paperwork during the Open Enrollment period:
    1. Application to Form a Student Club or Organization
    2. Club Constitution *A sample template can be found in Appendix A*
    3. Request for Funds to the Funding Committee with ASCWI
      1. Requests for funds are limited based on the organization’s Tier Ranking, which is explained in the Club Status section of this handbook
      2. Please also refer to the Student Engagement Office for information on hearing dates
  5. Officers and advisor(s) must complete the Organization Tests available through Blackboard
    1. If you have difficulties accessing the module please contact the Office of Student Engagement to gain access to the portal

Note: Once a club is active, a club representative is required to attend the Student Leadership Circle meetings that occur in conjunction with ASCWI Senate Meetings the 1st Wednesday of each month starting at 4 p.m.