Here is the format on how to write funding numbers on Deposit Forms and Payment Requests.

Make sure you input these correctly to avoid delayed deposits or payments. 

Fund-Location-Function-Cost Center and Object Code

The Fund, Location and Function are always the same, those never change. 

Fund Location Function Cost Center Object Code
50 00 3 Your 5 digit club account code See list below


Object Codes for DEPOSITS
Code Number Title Description
4601  Services Provided  Club providing a service, i.e. auto body fixing a car 
4302 Goods & Products Sold  Fundraisers {Please include tax or it will be backed out} 
4603 Membership/Dues Revenue  Money from student’s dues to local and national organizations 
5230 Other Revenue  Includes donations to clubs & trips, as well as fundraising where items are not sold {ed. Working concessions for a third party} 
5232 Raffle Sales  Money collected from a club raffle {must have a license to hold a raffle} 


Object Codes for Payment Requests.
Code Number Title Description
7010 Office Supplies  For reimbursement of office supply costs 
7050 Office Supplies  For reimbursement of programming supplies that are not office supplies, printing, promotional, or food 
7535 Printing Services  Reimbursement of printing services 
7610 Advertising/Promotion  Reimbursement of advertising supplies 
7665 Student Travel  Reimbursement for travel costs for student travel 
7670 Non-Travel Meals  Reimbursement for food, candy, beverages, etc. 
7680 Gifts/Awards  Reimbursement for prizes or awards with club funds 
7650 Misc.  For anything that does not fit in any of the above 


All purchases must be approved by Student Engagement. Failure to do so may result in not being reimbursed.