Getting Organized

  1. Start by establishing goals and objectives. Ask yourself these questions:
    1. What is the purpose? (Social, fundraising, educational, fun, recruitment)
    2. Who will be interested in attending? (Students, special groups, community).
    3. How many people are you expecting?
    4. What’s your budget? Will you be able to cover all expenses?
  2. Decide on a few possible dates. Day/Evening? Weekday/Weekend?
    1. It is important to name a date that works for you and your advisor, and one or two backup dates in case space/performers are unavailable for your primary date.
  3. Decide where the event will take place and have a backup plan.
  4. Get feedback from the Coordinator of Student Leadership
  5. Make preliminary contact with performers, lecturers, etc.
    1. Discuss availability.
    2. Discuss possible set-up arrangements
    3. If a fee is involved, certain paperwork and contracts will need to be completed.

NOTE: If you are hiring a performer/lecturer for your event DO NOT sign any contracts until event approval and funding are secured. Performer contracts are binding and can leave the signer responsible for paying the check if the club does not obtain funds/locations for the event.  Submit an Activity Request form with the OSE Office no later than two weeks prior to your event and do the following: 

  1. Reserve facility/location
  2. Discuss set up arrangements (table set up, projector, parking, ticket sales, etc.)
  3. Discuss funding: Check with the OSE Office to find out how much funds are in the club account.

Preparation Prior to the Event

  1. Ensure you have enough club members/volunteers; keep in mind positions like ticket-sellers, ushers, servers, or any other positions your club may deem necessary.
  2. Arrange for student decorating and clean-up crews to make sure that you leave the facility the way you found it. You don’t want to be the only person left after the event to take care of this. If you use campus facilities for your activity, charges could be imposed for failure to clean-up after the event.
  3. Arrange to meet performers or guests at least 15-30 minutes before the event. Take into consideration any confusion that may occur with parking, or the possibility of them getting lost. Send parking permits and maps if necessary.
  4. Arrange for someone to introduce the performer to the audience. In some cases, you may want the performer to send you their biography so that an introduction can be prepared in advance.
  5. Establish an agenda or program for the event.

Day of the Event

  1. Be sure the event starts on time and ends on time. Advance notice is mandatory for all late night events due to staffing (OSE and Security).
  2. If problems arise, seek help from your advisor. Also, on campus security are experienced in dealing with a variety of situations.
  3. All facilities much be left as clean as you found them.

After the Event

  1. Submit Activity Report Form to OSE Office. Note: This is how we log activity and determine the level of your organization. If this form isn’t received, the event will not count towards your organization’s activities for the year.
    1. NOTE:  If a club fails to turn in activity reports within 3 business days of the event, or does not notify OSE that the event was canceled, OSE may begin disciplinary proceedings against the organization which could include loss of club registration status, or prohibition from funding opportunities.  
  2. Evaluate your program! This can be done in a group discussion or through individual reflection; document pros/cons to refer to for following events. Consider:
    1. Did the program start and end on time? If not, why?
    2. How many persons attended?
    3. Who helped out?
    4. Comments & reactions – positive and negative
    5. Recommendations for next time
  3. Send Thank You letters to performers, committee members, and others who helped to make the event happen.

Collection of Funds 

All money collected must be deposited into the club’s fundraising immediately after the event. Your advisor will need to deposit funds at the OSE office.  

CWI BLACKOUT - Countdown to Finals: 

*DATES no programs, events or meetings can be held during BLACKOUT. See Important Dates.