Tia Eastman-Dodson

Coordinator, Dual Credit
Specialty: Dual Credit Non-Certificate/Associate’s degree seeking students

Tia joined the CWI team in January of 2020 as a Registrar Specialist and now currently serves as a Dual Credit Coordinator for the Dual Credit department. As a Dual Credit Coordinator, she enjoys being able to serve as a true resource for students who are hoping to make the most of their educational careers.

Tia earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology and Africana Studies from San Diego State University in 2016. Though she is an Idaho resident, her home will always be where she was born and raised – Merced, California.  In her spare time, Tia loves to travel and sightsee – she is always looking to check other place off of her travel map! She also is an avid runner, loves to spend time with her family and friends, and loves going for hikes with her wonderful husband, Joseph, and their pup, Luna!

B.A - Psychology and African Studies - San Diego State University