Scott Barron

Photo of Scott Barron
Supervisor, Tutoring Services

Scott Barron, Tutoring Supervisor at the NMEC Learning Center, has received numerous CWI Staff Employee of the Quarter and Employee Recognition awards for outstanding service to students and faculty.  After earning multiple degrees at BSU and serving as an officer in the United States Air Force, Scotty began a career as a professional educator that has lasted over two decades.  He has also presented at a variety of professional conferences, including the following:

  • College Reading and Learning Association Conference in San Diego, CA – Symposium on Best Tutoring Tactics
  • Northwest eLearning Community Conference in Boise, ID – Presentation & Discussion related to eLearning programs
  • Developmental Education Conference in Salem, OR – Symposium on Current and Future Tutoring Strategies for Developmental Courses

Scotty brings a wealth of experience to our department, and is always willing to go the extra mile when it comes to helping CWI’s students succeed in any way possible.  In addition to his military service, he has an extensive teaching background, having taught multiple courses at BSU.  He has also served on numerous committees at CWI, and has developed a comprehensive series of test preparation and study skills workshops which he frequently facilitates for the benefit of our students at all campus locations.