Justyne Jones

Supervisor, Tutoring Services

Justyne (“JJ”) Jones is excited to be starting her first year as a STEM Tutor Supervisor at the College of Western Idaho. She recently married and moved to Idaho from California to start a whole new chapter of her life. She previously had been a high school teacher teaching Biology, Chemistry, and Marine Biology for two years. Justyne is passionate about the sciences and education majoring in Marine Science and minoring in both Chemistry and Biology. She did the majority of her studying at the University of Hawaii in Hilo where her senior thesis helped measure the phosphate fluxes of several nearshore ecosystems around Hawaii Island. Studying in Hawaii was not only a “paradise of education”, but also an incredible opportunity to be hands on with the oceanic nature doing research directly in the surrounding ocean and even snorkeling for various specimens to use in her lab classes.

Before Hawaii, Justyne enjoyed competing in speech and debate earning several awards and honors for her speeches and parliamentary debate competitions. She is competitive by nature, but also loves to relax and have meaningful conversations about education and personal growth. In her spare time, Justyne can be found playing soccer, practicing various arts, obsessing over her two cat children, and even gaming on occasion. She is new to Idaho, so please feel free to reach out and discuss some of your favorite places to visit and things to do in this beautiful state!