Mighty Profiles

Kim Scheffer, Integrated Studies Faculty

Kim Scheffer: Integrated Studies Faculty

"Regardless of age, background, or past experiences, CWI gives people an opportunity to be successful in college, become educated, and flourish."

Empowering Through Education

Mike Tinker: Professional Nursing 2019

"Because of CWI, I can do what I love to do – help people and make a difference."

Ten Years in the Making

Mike Tinker, 2019 Graduate, and his family
Shane Larson, 2015 Graduate

Shane Larson: Communication 2015

"CWI empowered me to meet, build relationships with, and accept people from all walks of life."

Living the Dream

Anjulie Thompson: Biology 2014

“Because of CWI, I found confidence in myself and know I can do anything I want. I absolutely love CWI!”

Discovering a Career Path

Anjulie Thompson: Biology 2014
Jessica Concie, 2015 Graduate

Jessica Concie: Psychology 2015

“Getting an education empowered me to be a better person and gave me the motivation to help others know they can do it, too."

Cultivating Hope

Steve Silva: Heavy Equipment Technician 2016

"CWI played a massive role in empowering me to go after my dreams. I went from a farm kid who didn’t have a lot of confidence to feeling like I could do anything I set my mind to.”

Fueled by Education

Steve Silva, 2016 Graduate
Hawley Williams, 2014 Graduate

Hawley Williams: Communication 2014

“CWI empowered me to know my voice matters – that I matter. CWI gave me a chance to better myself and realize all I was capable of.”

Uncovering Talent

Brendan Hansen: Liberal Arts 2019

"CWI empowered me to pursue and obtain an education."

Pursuing Something Better

Brendan Hansen, 2019 Graduate
Laura Thomas, 2019 Graduate

Laura Thomas: Professional Nursing 2019

"CWI empowered me to get started on a great career to support my family and achieve my dream of being a college graduate."

To Make Something of Myself

Heather Williams: Psychology, Sociology 2019

"At CWI, I felt important and not just another student in a chair. The faculty and staff go above and beyond to help students be successful... Because of CWI, my dreams are coming true."

Making Dreams a Reality

Heather Williams, 2019 Graduate
Edmundo Almanza, 2019 Graduate

Edmundo Almanza: Liberal Arts, Sign Language Studies 2019

"CWI empowered me to believe in myself and in a better future... I hope to inspire everyone around me in furthering their education no matter what circumstances they might have in their life."

Leading by Example

Elizabeth Carter: Liberal Arts 2019

“CWI empowered me to dream of a happy, successful future."

Stepping Into the Future

Elizabeth Carter, 2019 Graduate
Kyle Nielebeck, 2019 graduate

Kyle Nielebeck: Software Development 2019

"Because of CWI, I can provide for my family."

Transforming a Hobby into a Career

Heather Schoenherr: Psychology Faculty

"Because of CWI, students realize their potential for success."

Empowering Students to Thrive

Heather Schoenherr, Psychology Faculty
Karen Gregory, 2014/2015 Alumna

Karen Gregory: Biology, Biology-Natural Resources 2014/15

“I was able to get my job because I went back to college and finished my degrees. Because of CWI, I am where I am today."

Finished Degree Furthers Career

Cody Phelps: Business 2011

"CWI empowered me with a world-class education from great professors."

A World-Class Education

Cody Phelps, 2011 Alumnus
Paul Belue, Mathematics Faculty

Paul Belue: Mathematics Faculty

"CWI empowers students to gain knowledge and skills that will help them be successful at work and in their lives.”

Empowering Lives with Math

Jessi Jensen: Liberal Arts 2013

"CWI empowered me to work hard for my dreams. Because of CWI, I get to do what I love and get paid for it!"

Turning Passion into a Career

Jessi Jensen, 2013 Alumna
José  Nava, 2012 Alumnus

José Nava: Applied Accounting 2012

"Because of the training and schooling I received at CWI, I now have a great job and am no longer living paycheck to paycheck!"

Broken Water Heater Inspires Change

Katt Grossman: Anthropology, Geography, History 2016

"CWI empowered me by showing me I am smart, outgoing, and able to do so many more things than I thought I could.”

A Better Self

Katt Grossman, 2016 Alumna
Michelle Bennett, Department Chair of Communications and Marketing

Michelle Bennett: Communications and Marketing Faculty

“CWI empowers students to live their best lives!"

Changing Lives

Zac Barnes: HVAC Apprenticeship 2013

“CWI empowered me by giving me the required education and certifications needed to take my career to the next level."

Advancing to the Next Level

Zac Barnes, 2013 Alumnus
Amanda Graham, 2012 Alumna

Amanda Graham: Sociology 2012

“CWI had an incredible impact on my life. I left with an associate degree and zero student loan debt which, I think, is pretty empowering! Because of CWI, I went from a shy, young girl to a confident leader."

An Incredible Impact

Reggie Jayne: History Faculty

"I believe in providing students an opportunity to engage with the great thinkers of our collective past in order to profit in their own lives and futures."

Reggie Jayne
Oscar Meza, 2015 Alumnus

Oscar Meza: Software Development 2015

“At CWI, I received a great foundation learning about software I use every day in my job. It helped me to learn the skills I need to adapt to changes in my industry.”

Yolonda Barnes: Administrative Specialist Faculty

“When our students are empowered, our College is empowered! It’s always fun to help students connect the dots – not only in the classroom, but in their lives and community.” 

Yolanda Barnes
Jordie Seward -Exercise Science 2015

Jordie Seward: Exercise Science 2015

“CWI empowered me by giving me an opportunity to gain experience in a subject I was passionate about."

Pursuing a Passion