Applying to CWI

Am I eligible to federal financial aid if I am undocumented?

No, however you can apply to scholarships that do not require citizenship status. See “Where can I find Scholarships?” FAQ for resource information.

Do I have to sign into class at a certain time?

If you are taking a Remote class, yes you will have a designated meeting time. These courses are instructor-led in real time.

If you are taking a Hyflex course, and you choose the virtual option, you may have a designated meeting time or it may be online. Please refer to...

How do I apply?

To start or apply for programs visit Applying to CWI. Please choose the process that most represents your situation and your program of choice.

How do I order my transcripts from another college?

While many transcripts are available from the National Student Clearinghouse, students are encouraged to contact the institution they would like to obtain their transcripts from directly for transcript ordering instructions.

How will I pay for it? Am I eligible for in-state tuition or financial aid?

Students must be living in Idaho, and must meet one of the criteria as listed in STU 110 - Residency Policy.  Currently, DACA students are eligible for some state scholarships. You can find more...

I am afraid of disclosing my status to my high school counselor. Is there anyone else who can help me navigate the college and financial aid application process?

You are not alone:

  • Almost 30,000 U.S. citizens in Idaho have at least one undocumented family member
  • Undocumented immigrants represented about 42 percent of Idaho’s immigrant population and 2.7 percent of the state population in 2014
  • 58,327 people in
  • ...

I am undocumented and live in Idaho. Can I go to college?

Yes! Federal law does not prohibit undocumented students from attending college.

I do not qualify for DACA. What do I do?

Apply for private scholarships without citizenship requirements. 

I have DACA. What next?

Complete a Residency Determination Worksheet.

You must also attach a copy of the letter which you received from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) notifying you of your DACA status. You must submit your online or paper application for your chosen college or...

I need to fill out a Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA). Does that mean I can’t apply? What do I do?

CWI uses the Student Aid Estimator to estimate financial need for DACA students. Some colleges request that you fill out a FAFSA for internal aid purposes. In this case, undocumented students without DACA can fill in “0’s...

I want in-person classes but all I can get are online. Will more availability be opening up?

If the in-person class you want is full, and there are not any others available, you can waitlist the course you want while being signed up for an online course. If you are selected from the waitlist, you will be able drop the online course and register for the course you waitlisted....

My DACA status will expire before I will graduate. What will that mean for paying tuition?

Contact the Latinx Student Services Coordinators to help you find answers specific to College of Western Idaho, and your financial situation.

My previous school was on a quarter system, how will that affect me?

If you transfer credit from an institution that operates on a quarter credit system, your credit hours will be converted to semester credits. For example, a three-credit course on the quarter system will transfer as two credits to a semester system. If a course has been evaluated as...

Should I get an associate degree or just take some general education?

You will save thousands by completing an associate degree with us before transferring to a four-year college or university to complete your bachelor’s degree. Generally, a maximum of 70 lower-division credits are accepted for transfer from accredited Idaho community colleges to Idaho four-...