Many courses from accredited programs/colleges will transfer. In order to be sure of the transferring coursework, you will want to apply to CWI on-line and submit your official transcripts directly from each college/university to One Stop Student Services, MS 1000, PO 3010, Nampa, ID 83653. CWI will then evaluate your transcripts and send you a Transcript Evaluation Report by mail.  Students who have a Bachelor’s degree should complete a Bachelor’s Degree Transfer Credit Request Form. You may also visit Transfer Information to view a conversion chart.

Quarter system credits are converted to semester credit hours upon evaluation.  Below is an example of how converted credits would be used to calculate your points for Step 3 on the AS Nursing Application.

You will follow the same equation for calculating GPA:  Total number of quality/grade points ÷ Total number of credits taken = GPA 

For this example let’s say you received a “B” for Math at 2.66 credits, “A” for ANAT 211 at 3.33 credits, “B” for ANAT 212 at 3.33 credits, and “C” for MMBS 111 at 3.33 credits. 

Here is how the math works for this example:

MATH – 2.66 x 3 = 7.98 grade points

ANAT 211 – 3.33 x 4 = 13.32 grade points

ANAT 212 – 3.33 x 3 = 9.99 grade points

MMBS 111 – 3.33 x 2 = 6.66 grade points

To get total number of grade points, add 7.98+13.32+9.99+6.66 (37.95) and divide by total number of credits 2.66+3.33+3.33+3.33 (12.65).

37.95 grade points ÷ 12.65 credits = 3.0 GPA

Step 3 asks you to multiply your GPA for the four courses by two, giving you 6 points for this step on the AS Nursing application.