How to update security questions in

Summary: Please follow the steps below to create/update your security questions via Https://

NOTE: You must know your current username and password to proceed with these steps. If you do not have your current credentials, please call the...

I'm a new student and have never been logged in before, how can I get logged in?

Summary: This is for a student trying to login for the first time. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox.

Note: When you update your CWI password, you will also need to update any computing device that may be using your old password to sign in...

I'm a student, how do I navigate Blackboard?

Logging In
To login to Blackboard, open Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and access
If this is the first time you are lgging on with your default password, you will need to go...

What is my CWI username used for and what does it allow me to access?

Your CWI username is how you login to MyCWI, Blackboard, and is your email as well.

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Windows - 10 How do I change the default browser on my computer?

Please access the attached PDF below for changing browsers in Windows 10.

Download Full Instructions

Windows 10 - How do I set Default Programs in Windows 10?

1) Select the Start menu in the lower left corner of your desktop, then select "Settings".
2) On the Settings page, select "Apps" and then "Default apps".
3) From there you can select which default you want set, and then choose your preferred app....

Windows 10 - How do I customize Tiles in Windows 10?

A Tile is a modern app representation in the Windows 10 Start menu. Tiles can be removed, added, re-sized, and can appear either live or static.
Steps to take:
1) Open Start menu and right-click on the Tile you want to customize.
2) To remove...

Windows 10 - How do I use Search in Windows 10?

1) You can pick up where you left off in Search home. Click into the Search field in the lower left corner of your desktop and here you will see your recent activities.
2) To get search results from your PC and the web, type what you're looking for in the Search box.
3) To find...