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What the Writing Center Does

Our main goal is to help students build transferable writing skills they can apply in any writing situation. Students who work with the Writing Center learn how to create more thoughtful and well-constructed writing.

  • We engage students in a conversation about their writing projects. Our consultants are experienced in asking questions that foster critical thinking and inquiry in the assignments given rhetorical context.

  • We do not edit writing assignments. Rather, we teach revision strategies and help students find the tools they need to lead their ongoing improvement as writers.

  • In short, we consult with writers. We work alongside as thinking partners and readers who facilitate writing success by helping students communicate, articulate, and evolve the words on their pages.

How to Make the Writing Center a Part of Your Class

Flex Tutoring

The Writing Center offers Flex Tutoring to provide faculty for building writing support into their course. Through Flex Tutoring, faculty collaborate with the Writing Center Director to create customizable writing consultant support, based on needs and available resources.

Flex arrangements can include:

  • writing tutors attending an in-class writing workshop day to assist students,
  • assigning a required writing consultant visit via appointments or through email consultations for students,
  • being a resource for students throughout a major project or assignment,
  • and more.

Contact the Writing Center Director to learn more about Flex Tutoring and what an arrangement can look like for you.

Classroom Visits

If you would like your class to utilize writing services, consider hosting a classroom presentation. A consultant or two will visit your class and give a brief presentation about the Writing Center. Your students are more likely to visit the Writing Center after listening to a consultant about what we offer. 

To arrange a visit, please email us at writing@cwi.edu.

At-Risk Student Referrals

We are experienced in working with at-risk students, but they might need an extra push to get them to work with a writing consultant. When recommending an at-risk student use our services, it is best to emphasize what the student does well in addition to what help they may need. At-risk students should also be encouraged to meet with the Writing Center to discuss writing support needs. This allows us to place the student with the consultant who can best fit that student’s needs. Instructors are always encouraged to join that meeting.

Required Visits

Because of finite resources, we ask that you do not require your students to visit the Writing Center unless established through a Flex Tutoring arrangement. We simply cannot accommodate every student at CWI in a given semester. Instead, consider offering extra credit as an incentive.

That said, we are happy to make special arrangements if you feel it necessary to require visits. We can work with you to find ways to accommodate your classes. 

Link to Us

Please include our main website address on your assignment sheets and in your Blackboard materials. Students can schedule an appointment online for in-person or virtual tutoring.

Checking Your Assignments for Clarity

Our consultants can also serve as a resource for you, especially if you are drafting a writing assignment. If you are curious about how students will respond to a particular assignment, visit the Writing Center to have a real student review it. Our consultants are experts in reading and responding to college assignments.

Need More Info?

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