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Writing Center services include:

  • In-person appointments: students work one-on-one with a writing consultant at one of our tutoring centers. 
  • Online appointments: students work one-on-one with a writing consultant via our online scheduling platform in a video chat module.
  • Email consultations: students send in their work through our online form and receive feedback and suggestions for revision.
  • Other services: We currently have time set aside in the schedule for drop-in appointments.  Please see the information below for descriptions of these services.
    • Drop-in: short questions for topics like checking a citation, formatting, etc. A drop-in can last up to 20 minutes. 
    • Walk-in: counts as a full appointment, and may fill in a space on the schedule due to a no-show, or use time during drop-in hours. Lasts longer than 20 minutes. 

*The Writing Center can get quite busy. We always recommend making an appointment to guarantee that we can help you. Remember, you can always cancel an appointment if you can't make it.*

Setting an appointment at the Writing Center:

There are two ways:

  • Make an appointment by logging on to our online scheduling system. Appointments begin on the hour and/or on the half hour (example: 1:00, 1:30, 2:00, etc).
  • Students must use their own Writing Center Online account to make appointments. First-time users need to register and create a password.
    • Ask a tutor if you need help, we’re always happy to assist you!
    • Tutors are not allowed to make appointments for students.
  • Our online scheduler lets you choose which campus you would like an appointment at. Make sure to double check that it is set to your preferred location.
  • Walk in during our regular hours and a consultant will help you if they are available. It’s best to walk in on the hour or half hour (for example, 1 p.m., 2 p.m., or 2:30 p.m.).

Drop-In Hours

  • May only occur during set drop-in hours.
  • Drop-ins may last no more than 30 minutes.
  • Drop-ins count as the 1 appointment per day.
  • Drop-ins may be used for walk-ins, covering materials from missed appointments, and for students with 3 no-shows in the semester.


  • Students can cancel appointments with no consequences up until the appointment start time.
    • If a student can’t cancel through the online system, they can contact us by phone or email, and we will cancel the appointment for them.
    • Phone: 208.562.2516
    • Email: writing@cwi.edu
  • Appointments are marked as missed/no-show at 10 minutes into the appointment block.
    • If a student makes an effort to communicate with us within 24-hours of a missed appointment, we will remove the no-show from their account.
    • Students may not have the remaining time in the appointment block if they show up after the 10-minute mark.
  • If we miss the student’s email or phone call and an appointment gets marked as missed, we will remove the missed appointment. Don’t worry!
  • If a student misses/no-shows 3 appointments without communicating with us, they will be blocked from making appointments for the rest of the semester.
  • Students who are blocked from the schedule may still use our drop-in hours and the email consultation service.

People who can use the Writing Center:

All currently enrolled students of CWI can use the Writing Center services. This includes dual enrollment students like High School/CWI and even BSU/CWI students.

Help with writing for non-English courses:

Our consultants are experienced readers and writers. They can work with a variety of writing from all across the disciplines as well as creative writing. This also includes personal statements for graduate or professional schools, applications for internships, and scholarships. We can also help with reports or writing from your workplace.


We do not proofread for you. However, our consultants will help you find patterns of error and work with you on how you can learn to fix those errors yourself.

What to bring to a session:

The most important thing to bring to your session is an openness to work on your writing! Other things that help make a session successful are: The assignment sheet, any class notes or course texts that pertain to the assignment, and any written work you have done so far.

Number of pages we can go through in a session:

To get a thorough review, plan on going through about 7 pages an hour.

If you don’t have anything written yet:

While a draft is helpful, it is not necessary for a session. You are welcome to use your session to brainstorm ideas to help get you started.

Reading a paper on a laptop, phone, or tablet:

We can read in any medium, but consider this: A paper copy gives you something to make notes on. It also helps you to see the paper in a new way and get a sense of how your reader will see it.

Limits to how often you can have a session:

  • Students may have 1 appointment per day, either 30 min. or 60 min.
  • Students may have up to 2 hours per week (Monday - Saturday).
  • Students can expect to cover no more than 1 assignment per session.

This is because it is important to have the time to work on your paper between visits and to ensure that consultant hours are disbursed equitably among users of the Writing Center.

Instructor notifications:

After your in-person or video-chat appointments, you will receive a client report form that summarizes what you worked on during your session. You are welcome to forward this to your instructor. The Writing Center does not send appointment confirmations or client report forms to instructors for students. 

Questions or concerns that are not addressed here:

Email us at writing@cwi.edu