Your safety net consists of:

  • housing
  • transportation
  • food security
  • health care and wellness
  • childcare

When a part of your safety net falls out of place, life can become difficult, threatening your ability to maintain a job, go to school, and more.

Elevate your safety net by visiting the Student Resource Fair which can help connect you to on- and off-campus assistance and resources such as:

  • no-cost or low-cost community resources for medical needs, food, childcare, financial constraints, housing, etc.
  • student clubs, organizations, and events
  • academic advising, tutoring, mental health counseling, disability accommodations, testing, veteran, and Latinx services

Earn the Safety Net badge to learn: 

  • how to build and maintain your safety net 
  • how to access free local support resources  
  • how to keep yourself and your family safe 

Access all of the Counseling Services badges, including the Safety Net badge, in Blackboard. 

Check the individual buttons below for specific resource-type information.