Waitlisting a Course

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How to waitlist a course in Student Planning

This process will walk you through how to waitlist yourself for academic courses through myCWI.

Please note that not all courses offer waitlists.

Student planning can be accessed through your myCWI account. Log into your myCWI with your user name and password.


Select “My Toolkit”

my toolkit

Select “Student Planning”

Student Planning selection

Select “Go to Plan and Schedule”

Plan and Schedule selection option

If a course that you would like to take is waitlisted and you have the needed pre-requisites you can add yourself to the course waitlist. If you do not have pre-reqs on file but feel you have met pre-reqs please reach out to registrar@cwi.edu.

Start by choosing the correct section.

Notification message and This selection has a waitlist. example

A pop up menu will appear with a red bar showing the section has a waitlist. Click on “add section”.

Add Section to be on waitlist page and button

The course will now appear on your calendar in yellow with a red border

Waitlisted Course added to Calendar

The column on the left indicates that the class is planned and not waitlisted.

Click the “waitlist” button in the left column.

Planned with a Check mark by it and a waitlisted button

The course remains on the calendar with a red border, but the column on the left has been updated showing that you are now waitlisted in the course.

If you no longer wish to be on the waitlist you can drop yourself from the waitlist by choosing the “drop waitlist” button.

Please drop yourself if you no longer want to be on the waitlist in order to allow other students in the course.

If a space opens in the waitlisted class you will be notified through your student email and will be granted access to register for the course. If you do not register within the timeframe that was given in the email you will be dropped and the seat will be offered to the next student on the list.

The registrar’s office cannot add you to the course if your registration time has lapsed and there are other students on the waitlist. You will be required to put yourself back on the waitlist.

Dropping from the waitlist will not remove the course from your calendar or from your planned course list. To remove the course from your calendar click the small x found on the section.

To remove the course from the column on the left click the x found on next to the course.

Calendar shows waitlisted course with small X in top right of course time section. Click X to remove from calendar

After using the "x" in the left column a pop up box will appear confirming you would like to remove the course from the semester.

Conformation to remove Course from Calendar

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