Virtual Events - How to Join

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In light of the need for social distancing, CWI Student Affairs events have gone virtual! Join us and other CWI students as we utilize real-time video sharing services that make it easy to connect wherever you are.

What is Kast?

Kast is a free app you can access through the chrome browser, desktop, and mobile app that is designed for multiple people to watch videos, movies, and videogames that are streamed by a Watch Party Host. People can engage real-time with one another during a stream.

Get Kast

Mobile App:

Download on the Apple Store CWI Mobile App Google Download

Kast mobile app does not currently have the ability to search for a specific watch party. To view CWI watch parties on Kast mobile, please follow these additional instructions.


Kast Desktop - Mac

Kast Desktop - Windows

Chrome Browser:

Kast Web

Join Watch Party on Desktop/Chrome

After downloading and creating an account, desktop/laptop/Chrome users will 

  1. Open Kast 
  2. Search “CWIdaho Watch Party!” in the search bar at the top 
  3. Send a request to join the watch party 


CWIdahoSE Watch Party Link:

  • Watch Party Guidelines

    As a student, you will only be able to watch what is currently being streamed and chat with other students who are also watching.

    Please keep the chat room PG-13 and refrain from swearing or spamming. CWI online etiquette still applies in this setting.