Undecided Students

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Undecided students typically fall into three categories:Your Career Knot - Personality, skills, interests, Values - Your Career

  1. Truly undecided: No decision on major or career.
  2. Focused undecided: Has decided on a major but not a career.
  3. Goal directed undecided: Has decided on a career but not a major.

This page and its contents are meant to be used in conjunction with advising support to help students reach their goals regardless of which category they fall into.

The Major/Career Exploration Process

  • 1. Consider How You’re Feeling

    With so many choices, identifying a degree and career path can cause us to feel many emotions.

    • Are you feeling uncertain about finding a job?
    • Are you feeling pressure from yourself or others?
    • Have you identified other feelings after thinking about this process?

    Identifying how you’re feeling and working through the steps that we have outlined here can help you begin to explore degree and career options.

    Some things to consider:

    • According to a 2019 Indeed.com survey, journalist Jennifer Liu writes, “Nearly half, 49%, of people said they’ve made a dramatic career shift, like from marketing to engineering, or from teaching to finance.” Whether you end up in one career for the rest of your life or if you change, having a degree can help you enter the workforce you are considering now.
    • Perhaps you are a “multipotentialite.” According to TED speaker Emilie Wapnick, “A multipotentialite is someone with many interests and creative pursuits.” Having new interests causes us to start the learning process all over again as we explore what drives us. The process of learning, adapting, and merging together our interests can be valuable skills for any workplace.
  • 2. Self-Assess

    Have just a few minutes to complete some self-assessment to identify potential career interests? Use one (or both) of these tools:

    Have more time and want more in-depth information? Current CWI students have access to the MyPlan self-assessment program for free! Answer questions regarding your personality, skills, interests, and values to receive resources and tools that will help you better prepare for the future. Learn more about MyPlan

  • 3. Review Your Results

    Now that you have some results, it’s time to reflect. Ask yourself:

    • What surprised you?
    • Are there any career suggestions you want to remove?
    • What themes did you notice in the results?
    • What are your top 2-3 occupations that you are interested in?
  • 4. Time to Research

    Use tools to research what education is needed and what job responsibilities are associated with your top occupations. Begin with some of the tools listed here:

    Ready to look at some programs and degree opportunities? Review what CWI has to offer that may be able to get you the education you need for the career you want. 

    View CWI Programs & Degrees

  • 5. Take Action