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Residency status is based on information provided on the Application for Admissions. Filling out this form accurately and completely will ensure you are charged the correct fees for your classes.

There are (3) types of residency:

  • In-State/In-District
  • Out-of-State/International
  • In-State/Out-of-District

Your status will be determined by answering the residency questions provided on the Application for Admission.

To change your residency status you will need to:

  • Submit a Residency Redetermination Form to a One Stop Student Services location by the deadline
    • Fall Semester – before the 10th day of instruction
    • Spring Semester - before the 10th day of instruction
    • Summer Semester - before the 5th day of instruction

To determine your residency status or see requirements for redetermination please visit Resident Status for Tuition Purposes

To request assistance with out-of-district tuition: you can submit a Certificate of Residency form to your county clerk for consideration for tuition and fee assistance.

Students whose permanent residence is in Idaho but outside of Ada, Bonneville, Canyon, Jerome, Twin Falls and Kootenai counties are charged out-of-district fees per semester in addition to in-district tuition and fees. Idaho counties without a community college district may pay the student’s out-of-district fees provided the student completes and submits to the CWI Student Accounts department the Certificate of Residency form and residency can be verified by the county of residence. If verification is not received from the student’s county of residence the student is responsible for out-of-district tuition and fees. Idaho out-of-district students will need to complete a new Certificate of Residency form each academic year and submit the form to the county in which they reside.

Determine Residency Status