How to Apply for Graduation

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Apply for Graduation

This video will show the step-by-step process on how to Apply for Graduation in Student Planning.

Note: Ideally, you should apply for graduation the term before you intend to complete all of your degree/certificate requirements. The latest you should apply for graduation is the term you intend to complete all of your degree/certificate requirements. To ensure you receive timely notifications and the publication of your name appears in the annual commencement program, your application must be submitted by the priority date for the upcoming semester. Please see the graduation page for more information on specific dates.

To begin, access your myCWI account.

Login to Student Planning using your CWI username and password. Remember, your username is always lowercase.

From the home page “Graduation Overview.”

Graduation Overview in Student Planning.

You will see your current program of study and major. This page also provides a link to CWI’s graduation page. This page is filled with information about commencement date and locations, cap and gown, and more. Visit this page often for updates about graduation.

If graduation is anticipated in the following semester click “Apply.” The graduation application will open.

Graduation application in Student Planning.

Use the drop down menu to choose your anticipated graduation term.

Drop down menu of semesters on the graduation application.

It is very important to make sure your address is correct in this screen. The address provided will be where your diploma is sent. If the address listed is not the correct address click on the "Ship to a new address" option and fill out all required information. If this is the address you would like all correspondence sent to please make sure you click the “Request this be my new address going forward” button.

Answer all remaining questions.

Click Submit and the application will be processed by our Registration and Graduation team. If your application is submitted successfully you will now see that it says “Application Submitted on date.”

Commencement details in Student Planning.

Student Planning with application submitted on date circled.

If your information changes and you have applied for graduation already you are able to go back in and modify some of your information by clicking on the “Application submitted” hyperlink. You will be able to change your address here, but not the term, major, or degree.

Your application will be reviewed at the start of the term you are hoping to graduate in. You will receive an email when your application has been reviewed.

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