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Passionate about connecting with others and helping our community, College of Western Idaho invites all to participate in a variety of cybersecurity events and activities organized, co-organized, and sponsored by the College's Cyber Defense Center, partners, and other institutions. 

Upcoming CWI Events and Activities

Cybersecurity Awareness Training 

Increase your awareness in cybersecurity by participating in a free, online training provided through Amazon. This 15-minute training covers secure communication, data classification, phishing, physical security, social engineering, data privacy, third-party/application security, laptop standards, data protection, and acceptable use.

All current College of Western Idaho (CWI) students are encouraged to participate in the training and can do so by visiting myCommons in Blackboard. Others interested in participating can do so directly through Amazon. A certificate may be downloaded upon completion of the training.

CWI Students: Earn your Cybersecurity Badge
Participate in Amazon's Cybersecurity Awareness Course

Community Outreach Events

Laptop/PC Hardware, Performance, and Security Checkups

The Cyber Defense Center will be working with Computer Science and Information Technology faculty and students to evaluate currently installed hardware and system performance on laptops or PCs for individuals within the community.  Recommendations will then be provided on how to improve performance by changing system settings, upgrading hardware and what would be needed, as well as how to improve the security of the system. 

The Cyber Defense Center will also be offering a follow-up workshop in which faculty and students will show individuals in the community how to install their hardware upgrades, how to analyze or change their laptop or PC performance settings themselves, and offer additional security recommendations, if needed.

The Cyber Defense Center is looking for students interested in assisting in these workshops. To volunteer, please email

Cyber Summer Camp for Local Schools

The Cyber Defense Center will be hosting Cyber Summer Camps for students in local schools to teach students about cybersecurity in a fun and engaging way. Computer Science and Information Technology faculty and students are needed to assist during these week-long camps, held during the summer. To volunteer, please email

General Computer Knowledge Workshops

The Cyber Defense Center will be hosting workshops on general computer knowledge. These workshops will assist those in the community who have an interest in learning about computers.  If you know someone who would be interested in learning how to work a computer, what the icons on their desktop are for, how to setup a webcam so they can talk to family members, or any other general computer need, this is a great workshop to sign up for. The Cyber Defense Center will have Computer Science and Information Technology faculty and students assisting with these workshops and answering questions. For those interested So, if you are interested or know of someone else who may benefit from this type of general computer knowledge, please contact the Cyber Defense Center.

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