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Welcome to the School of Business, Education, and Exercise and Heath Sciences (BEEHS). The BEEHS faculty are committed to helping students develop an understanding of the business world, especially the analysis of decision making.  The Computer Information Systems and Applications faculty are committed to helping students gain the necessary skills in word processing, spreadsheet manipulation, and presentation software to succeed in college classes and to aid in a variety of career fields.

Department Mission

The mission of the BEEHS department is to provide high-quality courses that foster student learning and success in completing their intended associate degree, vocational program, or transfer to a four-year institution.  This mission directly links to the College’s mission and vision.

Department Goals

At this time, the College of Western Idaho Business program continues to use the College of Southern Idaho’s Business Department’s goals which include:

  •   Analysis and Critical Thinking / Problem Solving
  •   Communication
  •   Effective Performance
  •   Global Awareness
  •   Pursuit of Personal Goals

These goals mesh well with the College of Western Idaho’s General Education goals and mission statement.  CSI’s Business Department’s goals tie directly to class objectives and assessment methods provided to CWI via course syllabi.  CWI continues to use these objectives and similar assessment methods until CWI has its own accreditation at which time we will re-evaluate and rewrite the CWI Business AA goals.

Programs Offered

Business - General
Education - Elementary
Education - Physical

Supporting Disciplines

Education, Study Skills, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Physical Education, Allied Health, and Computer Information Systems and Applications

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