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Welcome to College of Western Idaho’s Language and Arts Department. 

The Liberal Arts major is designed to allow each student to create his or her own specialized pathway to the associate degree.  In addition to completing CWI’s general-education and health requirements, a student must also complete 26 credits in content areas of his/her choice.  This freedom allows students to design a degree to work specifically toward an intended vocation or to meet very specific requirements of various transfer institutions.  The liberal arts program is not intended for students who are undecided or undeclared regarding a major, but rather to provide an opportunity for students to customize the educational program to suit their individual needs.

Program Mission

The Liberal Arts AA prepares students to for successful transfer to a four-year institution with offerings in the core courses which most often serve as the foundation of a university education.

  • Improve student writing and communication skills through analytical reading, discussion, and revision
  • Encourage students to practice critical reading, thinking, and problem-solving skills.
  • Equip students with the skills, knowledge, and awareness needed to communicate effectively, make informed decisions, and contribute to the global community as lifelong learners.
  • Foster an invigorating and diverse learning community in which students improve skills in written and verbal communication, deepen and refine critical thinking, and articulate the nature and cultural value of literary studies through analysis, interpretation and critique.
  • Develop habits of mind, including a critical stance toward texts, culture, and communication; rhetorical understanding of context, purpose, and audience; cultural and global awareness; and inter-disciplinary exploration of history, social sciences (e.g. psychology), and philosophy.

Programs Offered

Liberal Arts

Supporting Disciplines

Sign Language

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Department Chair: Brenda Fisher
Office Location: Nampa Campus Academic Building, Rm 312c
Phone: 208.562.3351