CWI employees needing assistance with their college owned desktop/laptop computers, or other electronic equipment will follow these procedures for assistance. The goal of these procedures is to minimize exposure, prioritize effectively, and assign requests properly. 

  • IT Support Requests Must Start with a Help Desk Ticket – All non-urgent service requests must start by filling out a Help Desk Ticket. Go to: and choose the appropriate categories and include the details of your request.  IT User Services Help Desk or Technical Support Specialists will contact you to resolve your request. 
  • Do Not Visit IT Staff without an Appointment – Contact your IT Technical Support Specialist (TSS) and ask for an available time to deliver or set up your equipment. Do NOT stop by the offices or work areas of IT User Services Help Desk or Technical Support Specialists for assistance without prior scheduled approval. 
  • Bring Equipment to Designated Locations – When scheduling an appointment, you will be given a designated location on campus or given instructions to where you may drop off or pick up equipment. This is to ensure IT User Services can practice safe physical distancing and proper sanitation, when necessary. 
  • Clean Your Workspace – If your IT Technical Support Specialist will be setting up or configuring technology within your workspace, clean surfaces that are frequently touched (e.g., desks, countertops, electronics, doorknobs) just prior to your appointment.  
  • Avoid Close Contact – When scheduling IT support, identify a time, if possible, when you will not be present in your workspace and arrange appropriate access with your technician. If you have to be present, allow for a distance of at least six feet between you and your IT Support professional at all times. 
  • Avoid Handing or Taking Equipment Directly – When dropping off or picking up, avoid handing and taking equipment directly from IT Support Technicians. Instead, allow technicians to pick up, install or remove equipment without physical contact. 
  • Please Be Patient – CWI IT User Services is working diligently and taking extra precautions to ensure we adhere to CDC safety and social distancing guidelines and all technology and equipment are properly sanitized. IT Support staff may need additional time to properly address the safe delivery and support of your equipment.