CWI is taking every precaution to reduce the risk of COVID-19. Campus measures have been updated and learn about campus upgrades to help ensure a safe environment on campus. Some high-traffic, high-touch sites will have specific physical distancing and hygiene rules. 

Here’s what you can expect when you arrive on campus:

  • Masks are required when on campus and indoors; regardless of vaccination status.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout campus. 
  • Physical distancing rules will be in effect. 
  • Food on campus – Individually packaged food is allowed where physical distancing (6 feet) can be accomplished. In the event that physical distancing can not occur, individuals will need to plan to eat outside or in a vehicle. Personal water bottles are allowed, vending machines and water fountains will be available.
  • More frequent cleaning in common areas and heavily used surfaces. 
  • Less furniture in public areas. 
  • Business travel will continue to be restricted. 

Campus upgrades:

  • Disinfectant fogging equipment
  • Complete building ionization
  • Touchless faucets, towel dispensers, and toilets

Masks and PPE kits will be available at building entrances/security desks. 

Some high-traffic, high-touch sites will have specific social distancing and hygiene rules.

Some high-traffic, high-touch sites have specific social distancing and hygiene rules, and certain programs on campus will have enhanced protocols. Please check with your department head for...