Physical distancing is one of the most powerful tools we have in the fight against COVID-19. In this section, you’ll learn how CWI is facilitating physical distancing and how you can help.

We’ve made a significant effort to make physical distancing as easy as possible on campus; you might notice new signage and closed-off locations. Please observe the rules and maintain distancing at all times.

General Physical Distancing Guidelines 

  • Maintain physical distancing when possible, including while eating. 
  • Use only designated entrances and exits to reduce contact on surfaces. 
  • Limited occupancy in restrooms and elevators. 
  • Replace handshakes with head nods or waves.

Shared Spaces 

  • Wash your hands when you enter a building or touch a shared surface, such as work tools or computer keyboards. Sanitization stations will be placed throughout all CWI buildings.  
  • When utilizing spaces that are shared with others, remember to sanitize surfaces you come in contact with before and after use. Anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitizers will be supplied throughout appropriate spaces, including breakrooms and lactation rooms. 
  • Physical distancing guidelines are required in shared restrooms, elevators and other confined spaces. Sink areas may be restricted for use in order to accommodate distancing. 
  • Food on campus – Is allowed where physical distancing (6 feet) can be accomplished. In the event that physical distancing can not occur, individuals will need to plan to eat outside or in a vehicle.

Department-Specific Guidelines 

Follow all standard operating procedures for your area or department and obey signage on campus. Please speak with your manager for your area-specific guidelines.