Explore guidelines for meetings and events. 

  • Internal space requests (for meetings, etc.) will follow standard scheduling practices and align with campus safety measures. 
  • CWI is currently allowing external requests to be made for events.
    • Guidance for space requests will follow our standard event scheduling procedures, with the addition CWI's current Be Safe, Be Mighty protocols be followed while on campus.
    • To request use of space, email scheduling@cwi.edu.
  •  In-person meetings must abide by the following restrictions:  
    • Must be held only in spaces that can accommodate 6-foot physical distancing. 
    • Meetings/gatherings must be limited to 50 or fewer people, and only with proper physical distancing and sanitation protocols. 
    • Individually packaged food is allowed when distancing can be accomplished.   
  • When gathered together, avoid using other employees’ phones, desks, offices, or other work tools or equipment.