CWI Security will be implementing a heightened observance of the new protocols in order to better support staff, faculty, and students. Security will be assisting with ensuring appropriate supplies are in place, campus protocols are being followed, as well as watching for those not following protocols. Security will also be helping to communicate and promote the new protocols.  

Start of Shift 

When entering buildings, all security staff are required to wear a mask. Masks are required at all times.  

Retrieve Keys and equipment to start shift, and do an appropriate wipe down of each key and ring, Chair and arms, radio, phone, desk, and computer. 

Take count of PPE supplies stocked at the security desk for distribution.  Notify supervisor if additional is necessary.  

During Shift 

Take count of stock of PPE at the Security desk. Keep a generalized count of masks during the day to track of how many are distributed for restocking purposes.  

Prop open doors and turn on lights when opening classrooms to minimize exposure to any incoming faculty and students.  Wipe down door handle with anti-bac wipe.  

Avoid touching or leaning against furniture, vehicles, or other objects. Avoid using handrails. Avoid shaking hands.  Practice safe distancing. 

Wash hands frequently. Remember that handling someone’s pen or ID warrant immediate hand cleaning. Wash hands before and after removing your mask.  

Wash hands or use hand sanitizer before AND after each round.  

Use of Latex disposable gloves can be used when assisting with a battery jump.  

Social distance with every interaction. Please always keep 6 feet between you and anyone you are assisting, even with a mask on or outside.  

When at security desk, observe all visitors and students who enter, if a mask is needed please provide one.  Masks are not to be left out for self-help.  

End of Shift 

Do a full wipe down of Desk, Chair, radio, keys, phone, and computer. 

Do a count of cleaning supplies needed at our security desk, and notify management if anything needs to be restocked or is running low.  

Mask Requirement 

Masks are required inside all CWI buildings.  While on patrol you are to remind everyone in the building of this requirement.  Also, help educate if masks are not worn properly. 

If a student, employee, or guest refuses to wear a mask, kindly remind them. If they do not comply, they will be asked to leave.  If refuse, escalate as necessary. 

If a student or employee refuses to wear a mask due to a medical condition, please forward the student to Heather Grayson, if it is an employee, direct them to Human Resources. Politely communicate they need to leave unless a mask is worn.  If refuse, escalate as necessary.  

As always, customer service is the goal of CWI Security.  Care should always be taken when interacting with members of the campus community.  Work to de-escalate before a situation becomes tense.  The goal is always to promote a culture of safety and security.  

Any situation with an individual not wearing a mask should have an appropriate Incident Report documented with all information.